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Friday, July 12th 2013, 1:25pm

Which class? >.<

Hi guys!, I decided to start with Rena, but atm i've got a little dubt.. I don't know very much about this character, so I'm looking for some advices about the classes. Which class can be good both in pvp and pve? and why? thank you for the attention ;)
PS: I'm sorry wrong section :|


Friday, July 12th 2013, 1:53pm

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Friday, July 12th 2013, 1:57pm

Ws is a nice character, though she gets hated by a lot of people. But if you take your time to learn her moves and invest a bit time in your style, she can be really fun.
TR is better for beginners and Pvp, since her traps are just badass - but also pretty annoying.
I would go for GA - She is a party char and mapcleaner, as well as pretty flexible in pvp.

So-> Ws if you want to invest time and really make it rock, Tr, if you want to annoy people in pvp and want to use easy combos in pve, or GA for both. ! :rolleyes:


Friday, July 12th 2013, 2:39pm


she can be really fun.
WS is a shit for PvE .


TR is better for beginners and Pvp
Nope . TR is actually the worst class in Elsword , she's at the end of tiers list . Her traps give too much of mana to the enemy and none of his passive compensate for her foam damages.
Then, if you like banging of 2...


I would go for GA - She is a party char and mapcleaner, as well as pretty flexible in pvp.
GA is a pro pve character . Her KD are too important to can do longs combos , her skills are skills of AoE and distance basic gameplay made for clean maps.
With a little of help on behalf of somebody who knows well how to speak English, I can take back my tutoriel on the GA which I have write on the French server to be able to bring you a maximum of details of this class.
Oh yeah , I'm so badass when I'm talking English .
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Friday, July 12th 2013, 2:48pm

DrStorm, remember that links which bring to websites outside GF are not allowed. ^^


Friday, July 12th 2013, 2:49pm

Ok I understood that GA is perfet for pve, and that is a quality important to me, but i'd like to enjoy myself in pvp too without fear to get destroyed by everyone :pinch:


Friday, July 12th 2013, 3:02pm

It's possible to playing GA in PvP but with a very important training . You never play Elsword in another server ? If no , you have a lot of thing to learn !

Me , I like the chalenge " make a pro pve class good at PvP " . But ... that's very , very difficult . But possible ! (:
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Friday, July 12th 2013, 3:22pm

Yes I already played in another server, but i never used a Rena :)


Friday, July 12th 2013, 5:09pm

PvP as a GA is going to be a really frustrating experience, especially considering the possibility of this server becoming some kind of international hub.
Lag is their greatest enemy, their xx and zzz combos can often skip frames and result in a missing attack on your enemy's side and false positive on yours, people jumping out of your zzz, xx and Siege>z loops are going to be the norm.
You will be able to handle it at the beginning using entangle as a way to keep them still, but as the server gets older and the average gear gets better, people with high nature resistance will make it almost useless.


Friday, July 12th 2013, 5:31pm

So, which is the best? i don't like very much the WS, so my attention is focused on GA and NW (now TR)


Friday, July 12th 2013, 6:07pm

There isn't a "best", GA are the PvE specialists, WS are the PvP specialists, TR/NW are the jack of all trades that end up being the master of none.
If you really have to choose between a GA and a NW, and are thinking of doing mainly PvE and some PvP then GA is the best choice.
A GA can easily handle herself in 1vs1 up until about rank B-A, and they are viable in 3vs3 with two melee players as party members, however keep in mind that GA's damage sucks, so don't expect jumping around doing ^z/>>^z/awakening or whatever, and then engage the autopilot to deal massive damage, the best you can hope for is getting them stuck in a wall and bring them down with Siege, which will still most likely end up with them jumping out of it and start wailing on your exposed butt.


Friday, July 12th 2013, 6:36pm

DrStorm, remember that links which bring to websites outside GF are not allowed. ^^
Aww, sorry. I wasn't aware of that. Will remember it.

I'll try to make this as simple as possible.
I will grade
- PvP (Very Hard; Hard; Normal; Easy; Very Easy)
- PvE (Very Hard; Hard; Normal; Easy; Very Easy)
- Fun to play. {From 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest. }

Let''s start with Grand Archer.

+ Highest range in the game.
+ Can deal with teleporting Aishas due her mana charge passive.
+ Second highest magic attack, after VP. (If I'm not mistaken)
+ Very powerful skills such as Aero Strafe and Gungnir.

- MP dependent
- High KD ratio.
- Low HP

Personal opinion:
She is more of a PvE/3v3 class. Considered as support, she can be very deadly. Just move a few steps aside, so the opponent can't see you and then start with the barrage of arrows. I'd say, she is my favourite out of all of her classes.

- PvP: Hard.
- PvE: Normal.
- Fun: 4/5

Wind Sneaker.

+ Easy Combo
+ Low KD.
+ Decent damage.
+ Can heal herself and her allies with Airelinna.

- Arrows don't penetrate (yet)
- Her kicks lack range.

Personal opinion:

While very powerful in PvP, she can do really well with PvE. I've been saved countless times because of Airelinna.

- PvP: Easy.
- PvE: Hard.
- Fun: 3.5/5

I never played NW, so I can't say anything about her. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.



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Friday, July 12th 2013, 7:56pm

GA's are very good in PvE and can be just as good in PvP.

A WS is very dangerous if she knows what she's doing in PvP, even ones that don't. She isn't that good in PvE.

NW is more PvP than PvE. But she's seen as low tier PvP (she gets a buff at skill revamp


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Friday, July 12th 2013, 8:02pm

Personally, I say GA. She's one of the best classes in PvE, and she's pretty good in team PvP. However, once her revamp comes, she's deadly.

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Friday, July 12th 2013, 8:09pm

At the Moment i think WS is best PvP Rena, but WS is no PvE class.

In my Opinion is GA the best Rena, GA is very nice in PvP und PvE.


PS: I Play in German Elsword longer as 2 1/2 years xD

Sorry for my f**king miserable English


Friday, July 12th 2013, 8:33pm

I would recommend the GA, by strategically using entangle, wind ward and her long range attacks
you can render enemies completely useless in PVP, as long as you're either skilled or your
foes can't handle fighting you by thinking.
Also her freezing arrow and wind ward offer nice utility in PVE against bosses,
your team can spamm skills while the enemy can neither drop down or
counter attack.
Wind Sneaker should be better in PVP with nature force and low kick but
in my eyes Ga offers the better mix between PVP and PVE.
Just my opinion ~

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Saturday, July 13th 2013, 8:40am

I liked all of your posts beacuse of their accuracy to describe the classes. I saw an eulogy of the GA, but my doubt is the mana management. Would I able to manage mp both in pvp and pve?
PS : I'm sorry, if something was wrong in the post,please tell me the error ;)


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Saturday, July 13th 2013, 10:02am

As for me....
GA is definitely a "Grand" PvE character... but it's true that they're really Mana dependent (Until a certain revamp it becomes easier for them to get mana)
WS is more a PvP character with really devastating/easy to use combos that can drain your foe's HP in a single combo (and they tend to get MP easier than GA)
NW is more PvP than PvE, but can be a PvE character if absolutely necessary (With the help of some AoE skills like Karma) and true it's difficult to do either as a NW... It's just fun watching lazy enemies run into traps constantly...

The choice is yours to make Frappy~boy, I'm just helping you out~
(Also I've played all three before)
Also managing MP as any of them in PvE is easy since you can stand and charge (GA is easier for that cause of a passive she has) but PvP, NW and WS have it far easier with more physical based combos rather than relying solely on arrows


Saturday, July 13th 2013, 10:29am

In PvE , you never have problem with mana , really . Just add a dark element on your weapon , take mana potions and craft green tea . After , you can buy a magician's necklace to the paying shop to gain 30 % of mana in more .
If the drak element proc on a mob , you can regen ~30 mana points if your weapon is enchanted 3 times ( without resistances ) .
In PvP , this is the same . Besides, the fact of stealing the mana of the opponent prevents him from using many of skills to see of mana break .
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Tuesday, August 20th 2013, 7:37am

Is GA easy to use in 1v1 PvP battle? Anyone had experience? :O I'm choosing between GA and NW

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