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Friday, July 5th 2013, 6:40am

Eve - Nemesis Guide by Sira.

Please note, this guide was written based off the NA Version of Elsword, So some of the names may be inaccurate and some of the exact Balance details might be off based on the version this server receives, I'll try to Get everything relevant for this server but no promises.

Sira's Guide to Code Nemesis

Table of Contents:

1] Helpful Links/Videos
2] Code Nemesis Pro/Con List
3] Base Job Combos/Controls
4] Base Job Skill Overview -Shortcut-
5] Exotic Combos -Shortcut-
6] Exotic Skill Overview
7] Nemesis Combos -Shortcut-
8] Nemesis Skills Overview
9.1] In-depth Control Overview/Tips and Tricks - Basic Attacks and Movement -Shortcut-
9.2] In-depth Control Overview/Tips and Tricks - Actives & Special Actives -Shortcut-
10] Skill Build -Shortcut-
11] List of Equipment that increases Skill levels
12] Abbreviations/Terms

1] Helpful Links/Videos

Elwiki eve page -
Elwiki skill notes Page -
Keyboard ghosting test -
Tutorial on Eve Spring Step by Maligician -
Various KD resets video by Pandamaare -
Basic attack %s video by Pandamaare-
Basic Tutorial Video by impchanii -
General combo overview video by Chocola -
High skill level 1v1 PvP by Mamamaive -

2] Code Nemesis Pro/Con List


Long Melee Reach
High Mobility
A few Good Unsituational Special Actives
Strong Party Support


Low Magic Defense
High KD ratio
Some skills require positioning
Predictable Movement
Dash Reliant
Extremely Weak to movement debuffs

3] Base Job Combos/Controls

Movement Overview;

Eve has very unique controls in the air. If you do an air-dash and hold >, you can glide horizontally for a short while before dropping. You can also transition to a diagonal glide by holding ^ during a horizontalglide.

Note; You can do two dashes in the air per jump before you start to glide down slowly, which can leave you open for hits. Eve can start a diagonal dash from the ground and transition into a horizontal one, or even start a horizontal one by dashing off a ledge. Gliding also moves faster than dashing on the ground.

•General Attacks/Combos;


Simple 4 hit combo that ends with a KD that has slight lift.


An Alternate finish to the previous combo, The KD hit is replaced with a slap that will turn the target around.


After the three drone hits, Summon a nasod spear from the ground to launch mobs into the air.


Two electron balls followed by an Electron Triangle that will very slightly launch the mobs before KDing. You will take one step forward during the 2nd x.


An alternate finish to the xxx combo. After the first two electron balls, your drone size would increase while they get sent to either sideof you horizontally with a heavy hitstun, following up by having them spin around you, knocking enemies back and KDing them.


Roughly the same as the previous combo however the drones will extend vertically instead of horizontally.


Quick Diagonal hit downwards. Will stop all your momentum.


Spins your drones around you KDing with 2 potential hits. Will stop all your momentum.


Dash forward and stab with a Nasod spear KDing mobs and sending them sliding across the floor.


Will launch & KD mobs with an electron ball that follows them into the air and will catch them with an explosion after a set distance.


Three hit Air combo that will KD on the third hit. It has a Very Long Melee Range, and the 3rd hit has slight vertical range. Will pause your momentum and move you horizontally with each attack.


Spin in the air and throw an Electron ball. Will give a slight rise in height and will keep momentum.

While KDed - z/x

A simple getup attack that attacks around you and will KD, will randomlypick one of two attacks. The First and most common attack is two High Vertical drone strikes on either side of you, Second will have your drones spin around you as you get up.

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4] Base Job Skill Overview
Any skill % or number details are assuming Max level.

-Row 1; Basic Magic Defense Training, Illusion Strike, Photon Flash

Basic Magic Defense Training [Passive]

Lv1: Magical Defense +5
Lv2: Magical Defense +10
Lv3: Magical Defense +15
Lv4: Magical Defense +20
Lv5M: Magical Defense +25

Lv1 by default

Opinion: Basically just filler points. Use it to progress down the tree

Illusion Strike [Special Active] - 100mp/5CD

Lv1: 8x83% Physical Damage - [Total: 664%physical]
Lv2: 8x100% Physical Damage - [Total: 800%physical]
Lv3: 8x??% Physical Damage - [Total: ??%physical]
Lv4: 8x??% Physical Damage - [Total: ??%physical]
Lv5M: 8x158% Physical Damage - [Total: 1264%physical]
Lv6: 8x179% Physical Damage - [Total: 1432%physical]
Lv7: 8x202% Physical Damage - [Total: 1616%physical]

Lv1 by default. Will Create illusions of your drones to attack with 8 physical hits that will KD on the final strike.

Opinion: Not really worth investing anything past the default 1 Gets replaced later on.

Photon Flash [Active] - 30mp

Lv1: 1x200% Magic damage 1.25m Slide distance 2s Duration 10CD
Lv2: 1x250% Magic damage 2.5m Slide distance 3s Duration 8CD
Lv3M: 1x300% Magic damage 4m Slide distance 4s Duration 6CD
Lv4: 1x350% Magic damage 4.25m Slide distance 5s Duration 5CD

Lv1 by default. Slide forward a small amount and leave behind a photon dummy of yourself before sliding backwards with invincibility frames and pass through. Dummy will deal damage and significant hit stun when an enemy comes into contact with it.

Opinion: This is Eves only active with invincibility frames so it has alot of use for dodging in PvE/PvP and also for catching in PvP becuase of the heavy hitstun. Personally I don't see any reason to pass on leveling this skill up. Lower cooldown further slide back longer duration, Very good utility overall.

-Row 2; Basic Physical Defense Training, Dimension Link

Basic Physical Defense Training [Passive]

Lv1: Physical Defense +5
Lv2: Physical Defense +10
Lv3: Physical Defense +15
Lv4: Physical Defense +20
Lv5M: Physical Defense +25

Opinion: Same basic idea as magic defense, Point dump to progress down the tree.

Dimension Link [Special Active] - 100mp - Stats based off Caster

Lv1:HP:15% Attack:70% Physical Defense:70% Magic Defense:56%
Lv2:HP:15% Attack:84% Physical Defense:84% Magic Defense:67%
Lv3:HP:15% Attack:98% Physical Defense:98% Magic Defense:78%
Lv4:HP:15% Attack:112% Physical Defense:112% Magic Defense:90%
Lv5M:HP:15% Attack:133% Physical Defense:133% Magic Defense:106%

Summons a nasod scout that will Spawn with a KD attack in front of you. Stats will scale based on yours and the skill level. Has three main attacks.

Stomp: Will Leap into the air and Land dealing damage and KDing

Electron Ball: Will Fire a medium range electron ball

Electric Shock: Will fire a short range burst of electricity.

On Death or when it expires it will self destruct KDing those near it. Will teleport to you when you move far away.

Skill Note:Continuous Summoned Attacks - Obtained from Toma Skill Note Quest. Will no longer KD on the initial hit and its attacks will have a lower KD ratio in general. Definitely a must get if you use this move. Allows you to chain combos with it and makes it more efficient overall.

Opinion: Mostly used for PvP can throw people off their game when they suddenly have a PvE mob to deal with in addition to yourself. Can very often break you out of combos either by hitting them while they combo you or if it gets caught as well, KDing them when it dies. Can also help you start combos with its Electron Ball and Shock. if you decided to get this move I recommend keeping it 1/5 to keep its HP low for the Self destruct utility.

-Row 3; Basic Magic Offense Training, Illusion Stinger

Basic Magic Offense Training [Passive] - Requires Basic Magic Defense Training to learn

Lv1: Magic Attack +15
Lv2: Magic Attack +30
Lv3: Magic Attack +45
Lv4: Magic Attack +60
Lv5M: Magic Attack +75

Opinion: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Point dump to progress down the line.

Illusion Stinger [Special Active] - 200mp/10CD

Lv1: 2x145% Magic Damage 15x93% Magic Damage - [Total: 1685%Magic]
Lv2: 2x174% Magic Damage 15x112% Magic Damage - [Total: 2028%Magic]
Lv3: 2x203% Magic Damage 15x130% Magic Damage - [Total: 2356%Magic]
Lv4: 2x232% Magic Damage 15x149% Magic Damage - [Total: 2699%Magic]
Lv5M: 2x275% Magic Damage 15x177% Magic Damage - [Total: 3205%Magic]
Lv6: 2x319% Magic Damage 15x205% Magic Damage - [Total: 3713%Magic]
Lv7: 2x362% Magic Damage 15x233% Magic Damage - [Total: 4219%Magic]

Sends a stinger flying forward that will create a trail of explosions in its wake. The Explosions will follow slopes.

Skill Note: Modified Chaos Engine - Obtained Via Drop from Henir. Lowers MP cost to 180mp and condenses the explosions into a smaller area. Makes it somewhat spamable endgame and makes it easier to land full hits. Very good PvE Skill note.

Opinion: If you position yourself properly its possible to connect all the hits on the explosions. You can use a wall to prevent mobs getting knocked away from the explosions. your best skill early on and still decent endgame.

-Row 4; Magic Accelerator Aura, Basic Physical Offense Training, Dimension Link Blader, Cloaking

Magic Accelerator Aura [Buff] - 70mp/10CD

Lv1: +20% Magic Damage For 25 Seconds
Lv2: +20% Magic Damage For 30 Seconds
Lv3: +20% Magic Damage For 35 Seconds
Lv4: +20% Magic Damage For 40 Seconds
Lv5M: +20% Magic Damage For 45 Seconds
Lv6: +23% Magic Damage For 45 Seconds
Lv7: +26% Magic Damage For 45 Seconds

Will Increase magic attack for nearby party members.

Opinion: CNs offensive Aura, CN mostly uses Matk and has very strong passives to make Auras Stronger and Cheaper to use later on down the line.

Basic Physical Offense Training [Passive] - Requires Basic Physical Defense Training to learn

Lv1: Physical Attack +15
Lv2: Physical Attack +30
Lv3: Physical Attack +45
Lv4: Physical Attack +60
Lv5M: Physical Attack +75

Opinion: You get the idea, Point dump.

Dimension Link Blader [Special Active] - 200mp/10CD - Requires Dimension Link to learn

Lv1: 12x99% Physical Damage 12x50% Magic Damage - [Total: 1788%[1188%Physical/600%Magic]
Lv2: 12x118% Physical Damage 12x60% Magic Damage - [Total: 2136%[1416%Physical/720%Magic]
Lv3: 12x138% Physical Damage 12x70% Magic Damage - [Total: 2496%[1656%Physical/840%Magic]
Lv4: 12x158% Physical Damage 12x80% Magic Damage - [Total: 2856%[1896%Physical/960%Magic]
Lv5M: 12x188% Physical Damage 12x94% Magic Damage - [Total: 3384%[2268%Physical/1128%Magic]

Will summon a Nasod Blader (Boss of 3-6) that will execute a short melee combo that ends with a launch and finishes with a laser that will push a fair distance. Will teleport to you if you move far away.

Opinion: A very underrated move. The MP regen is pretty nice and the physical damage isn’t too bad for CN as CN is mostly Magic, However Its outclassed by other 200mps and isn't worth the 10 SP investment to get it in my opinion.

Cloaking [Active] - 10mp/10CD

Will cloak you with invisibility for 3 seconds, Lowers movement speed by 25% and drains 5mp per second while cloaked. Will end when you attack or get hit. Gives Super Armor during cast animation.

Skill Note
: Waiting Alone - Obtained Via Drop from normal Dungeons Gives 3mp Regen per second while in Cloak.

Opinion: Mostly used in PvP for the super armour on cast and mindgames, While it isn't too practical because the invisibility is somewhat faulty and is pretty hard to make use of It can be really fun to play with and In my opinion is worth taking 4 points out of your base passives to get it. If you get it maxing the passive is essential.

-Row 5; Shield Accelerator Aura

Shield Accelerator Aura [Buff] - 70mp/10CD

Lv1: +30% Defense for 25 Seconds
Lv2: +30% Defense for 30 Seconds
Lv3: +30% Defense for 35 Seconds
Lv4: +30% Defense for 40 Seconds
Lv5M: +30% Defense for 45 Seconds
Lv6: +36% Defense for 45 Seconds
Lv7: +42% Defense for 45 Seconds

Will increase Mdef and Pdef of nearby party members.

Opinion: Another very useful buff for CN, Defensive instead of offensive. Good for PvP Should either get this or Magic Aura 5/5. Hell, may as well get both eventually.

-Row 6; Power Accelerator Aura, Cloaking Mastery

Power Accelerator Aura [Buff] - 70mp/10CD

Lv1: +20% Physical Damage For 25 Seconds
Lv2: +20% Physical Damage For 30 Seconds
Lv3: +20% Physical Damage For 35 Seconds
Lv4: +20% Physical Damage For 40 Seconds
Lv5M: +20% Physical Damage For 45 Seconds
Lv6: +23% Physical Damage For 45 Seconds
Lv7: +26% Physical Damage For 45 Seconds

Increase Physical attack of nearby party members.

Opinion: Like I said before CN is mostly Magical damage so you're better off with Magic Or Shield Aura.

•Cloaking Mastery
[Passive] - Requires Cloak to learn

Lv1: +2 Seconds +13%Movement Speed
Lv2: +4 Second +25%Movement Speed
Lv3M: +7 Seconds +38%Movement Speed

Essential if you use cloak, Its a waste of SP on cloak if you skip this passive.

-Row 7; Generate Black Hole, Dimension Link Guardian

Generate Blackhole [Special Active] - 300mp/30CD - Requires Illusion Stinger to learn

Lv1: 1x1531% Magic
Lv2: 1x1837% Magic
Lv3: 1x2143% Magic
Lv4: 1x2449% Magic
Lv5M: 1x2909% Magic
Lv6: 1x3368% Magic


Lv1: 22x94% Magic 1x376% Magic - [Total: 2444%Magic]
Lv2: 22x113% Magic 1x452% Magic - [Total: 2938%Magic]
Lv3: 22x132% Magic 1x527% Magic - [Total: 3431%Magic]
Lv4: 22x151% Magic 1x602% Magic - [Total: 3924%Magic]
Lv5M: 22x179% Magic 1x715% Magic - [Total: 4653%Magic]
Lv6: 22x207% Magic 1x828% Magic - [Total: 5382%Magic]

Creates a black hole that pulls in mobs for a few seconds before ending with anexplosion recoiling you back a fair distance. In awaken the suction will deal damage but the final hit will be weaker.

Skill Note
: Black Hole Ver.4.0 Obtained via drop from Normal Dungeons Increases the Pull range by 30% and the damage by 10%

Very good for speed runs endgame, With smart positioning You can wipe out entire rooms with a single cast. Skill note is completely optional.

Dimension Link Guardian [Special Active] - 300mp/30CD

Lv1: 249% Magic Damage per hit
Lv2: 299% Magic Damage per hit
Lv3: 349% Magic Damage per hit
Lv4: 399% Magic Damage per hit
Lv5M: 473% Magic Damage per hit
Lv6: 548% Magic Damage per hit

Summons a Nasod Guardian (Boss of 4-4) that sends a shock wave to the left & right that will continually deal damage as it passes through mobs.Will not curve around Maps. KDs. Number of hits is inconsistent and situational so I have left it out.

Opinion: Another strong field clearing move endgame. While black hole is good when mobs are spread around vertically on a single screen Guardian works very well to clear mobs horizontally on a straight map. Also can deal massive damage with clever use on bigger or moving bosses such as Bone Dragon or Wally NO.MK9

-Row 8; Mana Conversion

Mana Conversion [Active]

Lv1: 10% of MAX HP for +30MP
Lv2: 11% HP of MAX HP for +40MP
Lv3M: 12% HP of MAX HP for +50MP
Lv4: 13% HP of MAX HP for +60MP
Lv5: 14% HP of MAX HP for +70MP
Lv6: 15% HP of MAX HP for +80MP

Converts % of HP into MP

Skill Note:
Bogus Contract Obtained Via Camilias Skill note quest. adds a 30% chance of not consuming any HP and extends the CD to 8seconds. Essential Skill note if you intend to use it.

Opinion: A very useful move for PvP or Challenge henir. Sudden Bursts of MP can turn a match around

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Friday, July 5th 2013, 6:56am

5] Exotic Combos


An Improved version of the old zzzvz combo the initial stomp will now send spikes up on both sides of you and and the second z will raise another two spikes to launch mobs into the air.


Another improved variation of an old attack. The initial stab no longer KDs or pushes and you can follow up with a second stab before finishing with three larger spears that deal significant damage and KD and push mobs along the floor.


Allows you to follow up to >>x by sending four nasod spears diagonally into the air to catch after the launch. The electron ball will no longer explode to catch and instead will launch when it comes into contact with an enemy. Last hit KDs.

6] Exotic Skill Overview

-Row 9; Hornet Sting, Metal Dust Aura [Locked]

•Hornet Sting [Special Active] - 100mp/5CD

Lv1: 1x272% Physical 1x533% Magic - [Total 805%]
Lv2: 1x327% Physical 1x640% Magic - [Total 967%]
Lv3: 1x381% Physical 1x747% Magic - [Total 1128%]
Lv4: 1x436% Physical 1x853% Magic - [Total 1289%]
Lv5M: 1x517% Physical 1x1013% Magic - [Total 1530%]
Lv6: 1x599% Physical 1x1173% Magic - [Total 1772%]
Lv7: 1x681% Physical 1x1334% Magic - [Total 2015%]

Lv5w/Skill note 1x543% Physical 1x1165% Magic - [Total 1708%]

Shoots a missile forward that hits for a single physical hit on contact then explodes in an AOE for magic damage. If it misses, it will explode after a set distance.

Skill Note: Special Nasod Big Explosion - Obtained via Item Mall Increases Range and damage by 20%, 5% for the impact and 15% for the explosion.

Opinion: Useful in PvP for quick easy damage, if you aim it so the explosion is behind your target you can send them flying into you allowing for follow up combos. Most people skip it as its a lot harder to use efficiently compared to Atomic Blaster and isn't as good for PvE.

•Metal Dust Aura [Active] - 30mp/20CD

Lv1: 1x50% Magic 29x8% Magic Duration 20 Seconds - [Total 283%Magic]
Lv2: 1x100% Magic 29x15% Magic Duration 20 Seconds - [Total 579%Magic]
Lv3: 1x150% Magic 29x23% Magic Duration 20 Seconds - [Total 817%Magic]
Lv4: 1x200% Magic 29x30% Magic Duration 20 Seconds - [Total 1070%Magic]
Lv5M: 1x250% Magic 29x38% Magic Duration 20 Seconds - [Total 1352%Magic]
Lv6: 1x300% Magic 29x45% Magic Duration 20 Seconds - [Total 1605%Magic]

Summons a Dust aura with an initial hit to both sides for minor damage. The Dust aura will hit for minor damage in an area around you.

Unlocked with Camillas Beginner Skill Quest or Via Item mall for 130 K-ching.

Skill Note: Quick and Powerful! - Obtained via Item Mall

Will half the duration but increase the damage by x2.3. Basically makes the skill Significantly better in PvP while also making it quite alot worse in PvE because you gain less Awaken with it.

Opinion: In PvE the small hits will build your awakening very fast. It also has the benefit of breaking you out of delay whenever it hits during a skill delay. It also has the interesting Property of resetting the launch count, Allowing for very interesting combos in PvP. 5/5 is ideal but you'll have a bit of a dry spell while unlocking it if you skip on Hornet sting so might want to consider either investing in a skill lower on the tree you missed (BH/DLG) or just toughing it out while you unlock it.

-Row 10; Intermediate Magic Offense Training, Divine Aura

•Intermediate Magic Offense Training [Passive]

Lv1: Magic Attack +30
Lv2: Magic Attack +60
Lv3: Magic Attack +90
Lv4: Magic Attack +120
Lv5M: Magic Attack +150

A Stronger version of Basic Training Raises Matk by 30 per level

Opinion: Unlike previous Training passives this one has a fairly decent amount of stats so even if you don't use it to go down the tree you might want to come back and get it later when you have some spare SP.

•Divine Aura [Passive]

Lv1: +2 Seconds -6% MP Cost/MP4
Lv2: +4 Seconds -12% MP Cost/MP9
Lv3: +6 Seconds -18% MP Cost/MP13
Lv4: +8 Seconds -24% MP Cost/MP17
Lv5M: +10 Seconds -30% MP Cost/21MP

Increases the duration and lower the mana cost of all AURA accelerators.

Opinion: CNs First passive for Auras, Makes them last longer and with the lower mana cost they become very spammable. Auras are fantastic in both PvE and PvP so I don't see any reason to pass on this one.

-Row 11; Explosion Impact

•Explosion Impact [Special Active] - 175mp/10CD

Lv1: 2x102% Physical 23x103% Magic - [Total 2573%[204%Physical/2369%Magic]
Lv2: 2x122% Physical 23x123% Magic - [Total 3073%[244%Physical/2829%Magic]
Lv3: 2x142% Physical 23x144% Magic - [Total 3596%[284%Physical/3312%Magic]
Lv4: 2x162% Physical 23x165% Magic - [Total 4119%[324%Physical/3795%Magic]
Lv5M: 2x193% Physical 23x196% Magic - [Total 4894%[386%Physical/4508%Magic]
Lv6: 2x223% Physical 23x226% Magic - [Total 5867%[669%Physical/5198%Magic]

Strikes with a giant whip that launches mobs into the air then swings down to catch them. the whip will lock in place then detonate from the end down to your character. The explosions will follow slopes.

Skill Note: Breaking In I - Obtained via Item Mall

Removes the launch from the initial hit and Buffs damage by 10%

Opinion: This is CNs 2nd strongest skill for flat out damage, it can be a little tricky to land all the hits but as long as you position yourself properly it isn't too hard. The Note makes aiming a bit easier and lets you use it in more places.

Row 12; Magic Adrenaline, Power Adrenaline, Iron Spirit, Mega Electron Ball

•Magic Adrenaline [Buff] - 100mp/10CD - Requires Intermediate Magic Offense Training to learn

Lv1: +30% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv2: +35% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv3: +40% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv4: +45% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv5M: +50% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv6: +55% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv7: +60% Magic Damage For 10 Seconds

A personal buff that increases Matk by a massive amount for 10 seconds.

Opinion: You would use this before Casting Explosion Impact or another high damage skill to make it even stronger, Very useful endgame when you have a very powerful weapon and just want to oneshot bosses. Will not benefit from Aura passives.

•Power Adrenaline [Buff] - 100mp/10CD - Requires Iron Spirit to learn

Lv1: +30% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv2: +35% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv3M: +40% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv4: +45% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv5: +50% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv6: +55% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds
Lv7: +60% Physical Damage For 10 Seconds

Same as above but for Patk

Opinion: This is fairly useless for CN as all CNs Strong Special Actives are almost all Magical with tiny bits of physical that aren't worth the buff.

•Iron Spirit [Passive]

Lv1: 1% of Magic Attack added to Physical Attack
Lv2: 2% of Magic Attack added to Physical Attack
Lv3: 3% of Magic Attack added to Physical Attack
Lv4: 4% of Magic Attack added to Physical Attack
Lv5M: 5% of Magic Attack added to Physical Attack

Opinion: While not something you need, it's very useful to pick up at some point since while CN is mostly Magical, she uses lots of physical hits while gathering MP and in simple combos.

•Mega Electron Ball [Active] - 15~30mp/4CD

Lv1: 1x75%~300% Magic 1x100%~500% Magic Size 100%~150% Charge Time 7 Seconds - [Total 800%Magic]
Lv2: 1x75%~300% Magic 1x100%~500% Magic Size 100%~150% Charge Time 4.5 Seconds - [Total 800%Magic]
Lv3M: 1x75%~300% Magic 1x100%~500% Magic Size 100%~150% Charge Time 3 Seconds - [Total 800%Magic]
Lv4: 1x75%~338% Magic 1x100%~563% Magic Size 100%~160% Charge Time 3 Seconds - [Total 901%Magic]
Lv5: 1x75%~375% Magic 1x100%~625% Magic Size 100%~170% Charge Time 3 Seconds - [Total 1000%Magic]
Lv6: 1x75%~413% Magic 1x100%~688% Magic Size 100%~180% Charge Time 3 Seconds - [Total 1101%Magic]

A chargeable electron Ball that grows in size and damage the longer you charge it. Can move around normally while charging, When it reaches max charge the Blue Aura on your hand will stop pulling in light and will start releasing electricity. Changing Skill slots will stop the charge. Releasing it while in the middle of an animation you cant cancel will stop your charge.

Skill Note: Quick Charge! - Obtained via drop in Secret Dungeons

Lowers the CD to 3 seconds and drops the charge time by 33%

Opinion: Very Very Good low MP burst damage, Fantastic in PvP and PvE.Once you get this you'll want to start practicing playing while holding down the key you assign it to. Most people like using either C or A.

-Row 13; Graceful Steps, Iron Scraps [Locked]

•Graceful Step [Passive]

Lv1: +1% Move and Jump Speed
Lv2: +2% Move and Jump Speed
Lv3: +3% Move and Jump Speed
Lv4: +4% Move and Jump Speed
Lv5M: +5% Move and Jump Speed

Increases your move and jump speed outside of item normalization.

Opinion: A very useful skill for PvP, Lets you get very high move and jump without crippling your other stats.

•Iron Scraps [Special Active] - 200mp/10CD

Lv1: 14x105% Magic - [Total 1470%Magic]
Lv2: 14x126% Magic - [Total 1764%Magic]
Lv3: 14x147% Magic - [Total 2058%Magic]
Lv4: 14x168% Magic - [Total 2352%Magic]
Lv5M: 14x200% Magic - [Total 2800%Magic]
Lv6: 14x231% Magic - [Total 3234%Magic]
Lv7: 14x263% Magic - [Total 3682%Magic]


Lv1: 18x121% Magic - [Total 2178%Magic]
Lv2: 18x145% Magic - [Total 2610%Magic]
Lv3: 18x169% Magic - [Total 3042%Magic]
Lv4: 18x194% Magic - [Total 3492%Magic]
Lv5M:18x230% Magic - [Total 4140%Magic]
Lv6: 18x266% Magic - [Total 4788%Magic]
Lv7:18x302% Magic - [Total 5436%Magic]

Deals quick AOE damage around you. More hits during awaken. Unlocked with Camilas Intermediate Skill Quest or Can be Purchased in item mall for 185 K-ching

Opinion: A very very nice skill for its ease of use for decent damage. Hits in a good AOE around you and on a big group of mobs in awaken has very decent MP Regen and awaken gain. Also very strong in PvP since it comes out very quickly so there’s almost no time to mana break it. However, because of its large amount of hits, it gives the opponent a large amount of mp. It also can be made almost useless if your opponent has a fair amount of Red. Damage.

-Row 14 Queens Throne, Junk Break [Locked]

•Queen's Throne [Special Active] - 250mp/30CD

Lv1: 1x490% Magic 84% Magic Per Wingdrone hit Duration 30 Seconds
Lv2: 1x588% Magic 101% Magic Per Wingdrone hit Duration 30 Seconds
Lv3: 1x686% Magic 118% Magic Per Wingdrone hit Duration 30 Seconds
Lv4: 1x784% Magic 134% Magic Per Wingdrone hit Duration 30 Seconds
Lv5M: 1x931% Magic 160% Magic Per Wingdrone hit Duration 30 Seconds
Lv6: 1x1078% Magic 185% Magic Per Wingdrone hit Duration 30 Seconds

Summons Wing Drones that will deal additional hits every time you attack with your drones. Enables infinite horizontal flight, allowing you to >> in the air as many times as you can before hitting the ground. Also allows the triangle on the xxx combo to do multiple hits.

Opinion: Lawnmower Modo~ This skill will let you tear through dungeons in solo play. Has some issues against bosses and mobs that super armor since while the wing hits wont count for KD they can still proc super armor very quickly. Has some issues in lag if you haven't got host in the party so if it feels like it isn't working ask the party host if they can see it on you, Sometimes you just have to suck it up and bring a different skill.

•Junk Break [Special Active] - 300mp/30CD

Lv1: 13x169% Magic 7x74% Magic - [Total 2715%Magic]
Lv2: 13x203% Magic 7x88% Magic - [Total 3255%Magic]
Lv3: 13x237% Magic 7x103% Magic - [Total 3802%Magic]
Lv4: 13x271% Magic 7x118% Magic - [Total 4349%Magic]
Lv5M: 13x322% Magic 7x140% Magic - [Total 5166%Magic]
Lv6: 13x372% Magic 7x162% Magic - [Total 5970%Magic]

Summons a giant drill to damage directly in front of you. Initially it will push mobs back and at the end it starts to do minor launches.

Unlocked with Camillas Advanced Skill Quest or from item mall for 275 K-Ching

Opinion: While this skill isn't the strongest 300mp and isn't all that much stronger than EI in raw damage it is almost completely anti-situational. Can get full hits on just about anything almost anytime. The only times it wont are either when something is super armor and runs out or if they proc super armor during the last few hits. Very useful for Hell/Luto Fields or on Player sized bosses that EI is hard to aim on.

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7] Nemesis Combos


Alternate follow up to dash z. First x will Move past mobs slightly diagonal into the air while hitting with a spear. Second x Will turn you around and send a spear back on the path you took that will KD.


After the Two electron balls the first z will send in two spear. You can then mash z to have spears fly in all around the target. Regardless of how much you mash z it will end with one final Huge spear that will inflict heavy hitstun.

8] Nemesis Skill Overview

-Row 15; Enhanced Nasod Weapons, Atomic Blaster

•Enhanced Nasod Weapon [Passive]

Lv1: 1x25% Magic damage 4% Activation Chance
Lv2: 1x50% Magic damage 4% Activation Chance
Lv3M: 1x75% Magic damage 4% Activation Chance

Adds a 4% chance of dealing bonus magical damage on normal attacks.

Opinion: Very Nice free damage.

•Atomic Blaster [Special Active] - 100mp/5CD

Lv1: 12x48% Magic - [Total 576%Magic]
Lv2: 12x58% Magic - [Total 696%Magic]
Lv3: 12x68% Magic - [Total 816%Magic]
Lv4: 12x77% Magic - [Total 924%Magic]
Lv5M: 12x92% Magic - [Total 1104%Magic]
Lv6: 12x106% Magic - [Total 1272%Magic]
Lv7: 12x121% Magic - [Total 1452%Magic]


Lv1: 12x75% Magic - [Total 900%Magic]
Lv2: 12x90% Magic - [Total 1080%Magic]
Lv3: 12x105% Magic - [Total 1260%Magic]
Lv4: 12x120% Magic - [Total 1440%Magic]
Lv5M: 12x142% Magic - [Total 1704%Magic]
Lv6: 12x164% Magic - [Total 1968%Magic]
Lv7: 12x187% Magic - [Total 2244%Magic]

The Blaster fires at melee range, lifting mobs into the air while dealing decent damage.

Opinion: A very nice 100mp Fairly versatile. Good for clearing Mobs in PvE. Decent for Extending combos in PvP.

-Row 16; Concentration Aura [Locked], Spear Burst

•Concentration Aura [Passive]

Lv1: +3% Critical Chance +1% Critical Damage/x1.505
Lv2: +4% Critical Chance +2% Critical Damage/x1.510
Lv3: +5% Critical Chance +3% Critical Damage/x1.515
Lv4: +6% Critical Chance +4% Critical Damage/x1.520
Lv5M: +7% Critical Chance +5% Critical Damage/x1.525

All Accelerator Auras will now give Crit Chance and Damage. Crit Rate and Crit Damage will not stack upon multiple uses of accelerator buffs.

Unlocked via Camillas Expert Skill Quest or Via Item mall for 320 K-ching.

Opinion: An extremely nice passive to further buff your auras and add some more utility to them.

•Spear Burst [Active] - 30mp/6CD

Lv1: 1x200% Physical 1x200% Magic - [Total 400%]
Lv2: 1x250% Physical 1x250% Magic - [Total 500%]
Lv3: 1x300% Physical 1x300% Magic - [Total 600%]
Lv4: 1x350% Physical 1x350% Magic - [Total 700%]
Lv5M: 1x400% Physical 1x400% Magic - [Total 800%]
Lv6: 1x450% Physical 1x450% Magic - [Total 900%]
Lv7: 1x500% Physical 1x500% Magic - [Total 1000%]
Lv8: 1x550% Physical 1x550% Magic - [Total 1100%]

Drop down to the ground while surrounded by Nasod spears that will hit once while falling and create a small shock wave upon landing that will knock mobs slightly into the air diagonally and KD them. Can only be used in the Air. Gives Super armor while falling and shortly during landing.

Opinion: A very strong active. Can be used for damage in PvE or as a Panic button in PvP using the Super armor frames, also not too hard to follow up after it with a combo so good for catching aswell.

-Row 17; Atomic Shield

•Atomic Shield [Special Active] - 150mp/10CD - HP is based off of Casters

Lv1: 60% HP 58% Damage Reduction Size 4.89m Duration 8 Seconds
Lv2: 72% HP 53% Damage Reduction Size 5.14m Duration 10 Seconds
Lv3: 86% HP 58% Damage Reduction Size 5.42m Duration 13 Seconds
Lv4: 102% HP 64% Damage Reduction Size 5.70m Duration 15 Seconds
Lv5M: 124% HP 70% Damage Reduction Size 6.00m Duration 18 Seconds
Lv6: 149% HP 75% Damage Reduction Size 6.30m Duration 20 Seconds

Creates a barrier a bit under the size of your screen that will give nearby Allies damage Reduction and Destroys any projectiles that come into contact with it. Will break when its HP reaches 0. Can only have one up at a time

Opinion: A veeeeery situational move. There's pretty much two places that you'll consistently use it (2-x & 6-6). It can get some use in other situations, but more often than not you'd rather just kill the boss than make use of it.

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9.1] In-depth Control Overview/Tips and Tricks -

Basic Attacks and Movement

All KD values taken from

List is incomplete and may be inaccurate with changes from future patches, For example with the rebalance the KD on a few attacks (most notably zzzz) was changed, going to leave them as they are unless I get my hands on the new numbers.

The Basic combo hit modifiers are from the JP Elsword wiki/Pandamaares Video and may be inaccurate or outdated based on future patches. p/m for Physical/Magic.

( ) Will stand for optional input

Gliding & Movement Techniques.

Tutorial on Eve Spring Step by Maligician-

One of the most important things to succeeding in PvP as a CN (Hell, Eve in general) is to learn how to fast fall. The input is very simple >>^v, pretty much sliding from ^ to v during a diagonal dash. The problem with it is that depending on your keyboard it'll either be very easy or next to impossible. First thing you would want to do is go to the keyboard ghosting test ( and check for key conflicts. If you can input all your arrow keys at the same time odds are the timing for Fast fall will be very precise and hard to do.

If you can't input >^v/<^v at the same time and can only have two of those keys at once it should be very very easy. The reason for this is, lets say you input >>^ and hold >^ then start holding v, becuase of the ghosting your keyboard will still only be inputting >^, But when you let go of ^ it will instantly start to input >v giving you perfect timing with your drop. You can play around with your key setup if you find something comfortable that has ghosting like that(Try the numpad) if you can't find a key setup that makes it easy for you the only real advice I can give is that you pretty much have to swap from ^ to v at the exact same time. I'm sure someone else can explain it better than that but if you keep trying it, eventually you should be able to do a single one and after that you just need to keep practicing and memorize the timing.

As for Fast falls applications, Its pretty much makes eve one of the most mobile characters in the game. Spring step is nothing but low fast falls one after the other. It also has an interesting use with things that stop all of your momentum, for example if you do a high fast fall and hit z before you touch the ground you'll very quickly drop and do your ^z attack. Very good trick for winning ^z battles. It's just really useful in general to speed up all of your movement and keep you flexible.

An interesting quirk of the rebalance patch is that you can now potentially do a 3rd Glide. It has to be a diagonal glide & you
can't do it if you've already done a diagonal glide in that jump. Basically things like >> >>^, >> <<^ ect. Its a bit awkward to explain but if you try it yourself you should understand quickly. It can also be used after >>zx to fast fall out of it.

A few things to keep in mind with gliding, The majority of your aerial attacks will stop your momentum, You can use this to control your glides to land on platforms. For example >>^ to glide up to a platform and then hitting z to stop yourself from overshooting so you can neatly land exactly where you want.

There's a little trick with using your horizontal speed to get vertical height, On most characters this will let you do a high jump technique. However for Eve it let's you do an extra jump out of your diagonal glide. The Basic input is >>^<. During a diagonal glide you let go of > and hold <. It can be a bit awkward to get the timing down the first time but if you mess with it a little bit you should be able to get the hang of it without too much trouble.

Video Example by Air

Electron Balls - KD: 1+1 %: 75%m+125%m MP: 15

Electron balls deal magic damage and hit twice, Once for the target they come into contact with and then a second time in a small AOE. Electron Balls Will sometimes do a huge vertical launch when they hit A target in the air. Only electron ball that won't explode is CExs >>x

Nasod Spears & Drones

The biggest difference between Drone hits and Spear hits is that Drones hit for physical damage and Spears hit for magic. Spears also have an interesting property in that once you start the cast animation for them even if you get knocked out of the animation or cancel it yourself (Slide off a ledge, Use an Active/Special Active) They will still run through with the attack.

For example if you get hit just after starting the final attack in >>zzz the three spears will run through their animation no matter what happens. This makes them very strong defensively in general as its hard to lose a hit trade when you're attack runs through no matter what. QT Wing drones and Junk break have the same general properties as Spears.


zzzz - KD: 1.25, 1, 2.2, 0/KDPoint %: 100%p, 100%p, 150%p, 100%px2

Can animation cancel with either <<>/>><> for the end of the 2nd z and for the 3rd z. The main practical uses of this are: zz(z)>>^z(z),& zz(z)>>z(z) Two simple inputs you can loop that won't KD.

Funfact: The animation cancel can also be used for some silly impractical things like: zz>><>zz Pretty much a zz loop on eve. Extremely impractical and not exactly easy but can be fun for trolling.

2ndFunfact: With QT up on certain mobs the last hit won't KD as QT can catch them after the slight launch. Needs to be roughly player sized mobs.

zzzx - KD: 1.25, 1, 2.2, 0.75 %: 100%p, 100%p, 150%p, 100%m

As mentioned before the slap will turn the target around, This mainly gets used on shield mobs as an easy way to attack behind them. Unfortunately it won't work on Arc Glitter Panzers but it's still useful to know. Also Useful against BMs with Evacuation. Can also be used as a backup combo if you have Bleed debuff and can't dash. You can dash cancel this ( <<> ) to remove the delay after the slap.

Funfact: You can use this on Reckless fists using Wild Charge to make them aim the other way.

zzzvzz - KD: 1.25, 1, 2.2, ??, ??Diagonal Launch %: 100%p, 100%p, 150%p, 200%m, 100%m

If you just input zzzvz you can loop this without the final launch hit, This is a fairly simple and easy combo to do for decent damage. Can also function as a backup when you have Bleed Debuff. Very good defensively, If you see someone coming up behind you can use the full combo to launch both sides and only catch your target afterwards.

xxx - KD: 1+1, 1+1, 0/KDPoint/LowHorizontalLaunch %: 75%m+125%m, 75%m+125%m, 177%m MP: 15, 15, 10

Fires two electron balls, taking a small step forward during the second one. Follows up with an Electron triangle that will break after hitting 3 mobs, KDs with a slight launch. Not too useful outside of QT.

xx>xx - KD: 1+1, 1+1, ??/HeavyHitstun, ??/KDPoint/Launch %: 75%m+125%m, 75%m+125%m, 127%p, 85x2%p MP: 15, 15

The drones will reach roughly the same range as the initial electronball. The first hit has very heavy hitstun so you could
potentially start a combo off using this skill defensively. It depends on your position relative to your opponent how it launches them as well, the launch is a bit unpredictable but its possible to follow up after it with some luck. The spin also can hit multiple times, Its more likely to do multiple hits when your opponent is below you as it can launch them closer to you. The timing on the last x is very flexible,can wait quite awhile before using it.

There isn’t a huge amount of practical use for this extension. The main ones would be in a team game you can use it to defend yourself when someone comes up from behind you. Can also use it in to push enemies into the pit in hope bridge.

Fun Fact: If you wait long enough before doing the final x you can
actually see a small animation glitch where it will skip the drones back
into their proper position before the last x.

xxvxx - KD: 1+1, 1+1, ??/HeavyHitstun, ??/KDPoint/Launch %: 75%m+125%m, 75%m+125%m, 127%p, 85x2%p MP: 15, 15

For the most part the same as the previous attack. This has slightly less use as you won’t need to defend yourself from above as often as you will from behind.

xxzz~z - KD: 1+1, 1+1, ??, ??, ??/HeavyHitstun %: 75%m+125%m, 75%m+125%m, 80%mx2, 100%mx6, 210%m MP: 15, 15

Can be useful for an easy catch after a launch/pushing into the pit on hope bridge.


^z - KD: 2 %: 100%p

Has very good Vertical melee range and will completely stop all your momentum. Unlike most other characters eve will do a single attack and then fall normally, whereas other characters will attack and hold their weapon out while falling. This means you have to time your attack But the range advantage lets you overcome this downside easily.

^x - KD: 0/KDPoint %: 100%px2

Two almost instant hits around you, Very good as a panic button to quickly KD and reposition yourself. because its two hits it has fairly good MP regen, Very useful on bosses like Plant Overlord.

Funfact: if you input vx on a platform quickly enough you can drop quickly, use this move, and land on the same platform again.

>>zzz - KD: 1, 1, 0/KDPoint/HighPush %: 100%m, 120%m, 80%mx3+150%m

>>z(z) Will cancel very smoothly with an Active (Cloak, MDA, MEB) Which allows for quick clean combo extensions when combined with zz(z)>>. The final z has very strong Anti-stoic damage.

>>zxx - KD: 1, ??/Pass/LaunchReset, ??/KDPoint %: 100%m, 150%m, 150%m

As soon as you start the input for x you're airborne which means you can link this very smoothly with Spear burst either at the start or end of the first x, however waiting until you're in the air is recommended as if you're on the ground the damage is significantly nerfed. You can also opt to not input the second x, You'll stay facing your original direction and won't KD. You can quickly land, turn around and continue a combo, or if they tumble out of that you can always just turn in the air and use a ^z or MEB to stun them long enough for you to land and follow up.

Can do a single air dash out of the first x, Using the third glide trick you can transition to a diagonal glide which gives you significantly more mobility. The Launch reset on the first x is very helpful in PvP for combo extensions.


>>xz - KD: ??/Diagonal Launch/KDPoint, ??/KDPoint %: 75%m, 100%mx4 MP: 15

In PvE you'll mostly use this for very high anti-stoic damage on bigger mobs, also has very good MP regen.

And in PvP it's a very strong part of CNs combos, if you combine it with launch resets like >>zx and MDA you can greatly extend your combos and get around eves high KD ratio.

Depending on how the electron ball hits it will either send them forward as intended or can send them backwards. If they're too close to you when you use this it sends backwards, This can be useful to turn around while looping >>xz. A quick >>^v>>x will put you in the right position to send them backwards after a >>xz.

Example Video: Very hard to do in NA lag. Can also be used for catching as lots of players generally try to approach from the air.

Funfact: the >>x can reset KD. Example video


>>^zzz - KD: <2.375, 0.35, 0KDPoint %: 100%p, 100%p, 100%p

Very nice range, although because the KD on the initial hit is high you should only use it for catching in PvP, as for PvE since KD isn't too important there it works fantastic for the BnB loop zz(z)>>^z(z)

>>^x - KD: 1+1 %: 100%m+82%m MP: 15

Simple midair electron ball, Because of CNs low range on electron balls generally anytime you'd use this MEB is likely a better option.


While KDed z/x - KD: ??KDPoint %: ??

While there isn't too much practical use for the spin attack the high vertical strike has the potential to lead into a combo. If you hit someone in the air it will send them high enough for you to get up and potentially catch them.

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9.2] In-depth Control Overview/Tips and Tricks - Actives & Special Actives

Photon Flash

You can use this skill for dodging by using the Invincibility frames about halfway through the skill. Also very useful when used for "traps" while not as subtle as Entangle for GA and it doesn't last too long A smart Flash at the right place can easily start a combo. If someone is approaching you from behind you can use the Invincibility and pass through to just slide backwards through them and hopefully have them run right into the trap. Even if they're smart enough not to run right into it you can use it to control their spacing and cut off their movement options. If you force them to fight with that nearby most people will be more focused on avoiding it than trying to catch you themselves leaving them more open to your catches.

You can also be sneaky with it on Get up attacks or teleporters, You can place it right under them while they're invincible so that unless they move instantly they'll get caught by it as soon as they get up or can place it where a portal will place them so as soon as they go through they'll be hit stunned and make it very easy for you to follow up and combo them.

Need to be a bit careful with it thou, You're left open after it so if they predict it or don't fall for your trap they can punish you for it quite abit. There's is also a bug with it where you won't slide backwards and just move forward and place the trap, This will happen the first time you use it in each match. It's also a bit lag sensitive, If they break it on your screen and not theirs you might randomly see them get stunned by nothing. Can potentially Reset KD when catching after >>x with it.

Illusion Stinger

Early on this is one of you're best skills for damage and later on noted its still pretty useful because of the lower MP cost and ease of use, while 20 MP doesn’t sound like much, the difference can be pretty noticeable. Another thing to keep in mind is cool downs. With MP Pots, you can pretty easily chain EI, IS, and IluS together. For aiming without a wall, you want the mob just a little bit in front of you. Too close and they get knocked in your direction instead of into the explosions. Too far and the explosions will knock them back too far and KD them quickly. Ideally you want to use it near a wall or during super armor. With a wall you'll want to stand back a bit further so you can bounce them between the wall and the explosions. Noted Stinger generates more mp than un-noted stinger. The trail follows slopes upward and downward.


Personally I haven't got much nice to say about cloak, thanks to Air for a few paragraphs on using it.



Cloaking has its uses but they're sort of complicated.

For starters, it can really catch a person off guard because no one uses it.

Simply go off-screen and use it, cloaking is only obvious if the person you're playing is trying to look for something that isn't in plain sight.

Cloaking also changes the pace in a game, when you use it, it has potential to do two things.

1. Person you're playing plays more aggressive against you because they feel they know where you are.

Eve has some amazing passive catches like spitfire, spear burst and photon blink. Actives like these do wonders against aggressive players.

2.Person you're playing plays more careful. Cloaking has this effect where people want to stand still and wait for any movement near them so they can punish any approaches, in these situations I normally use cloaking as a breather lol.

Cloaking is all just mindgames, not saying it's a great skill but it does have some uses.
List of Cloak Faults:

All Eves can see through it

Aura Accelerators/Adrenaline Buff


Weapon Enhancement +5 and Higher

MEB Charge

Debuff Icons

Most Debuff Particles


Mana Conversion Particles

Queens Throne Wing Drones

Spear Burst

El Officer Drones Gold Shine

Back of Salvatore Solace Drones

Outline on lots of stage backgrounds.

Generate Black Hole

While you can get away with using this as a bossing skill in Base job, for endgame, its pretty much strictly for speeding up field PvE with some use in team/Survival PvP. You'll generally use this in maps with mobs spread out roughly on a single screen as you can suck the majority of them up and clear most of the room if not the entire thing in seconds.

As for PvP Its a fairly big investment of MP for the damage but in more hectic fights (4v4s, Survivals), You can nicely group up the enemy team or easily steal kills. An important thing to keep in mind is that it will still suck while players are KDed, This allows tricks like KDing then casting an Unawakened Blackhole ontop of the KDed player(s) so that they have next to no chance to escape.

Getting Delayed during the cast can mess up the timing of the suction and explosion, Things like the suction ending before the explosion letting mobs/players run out. Has a few bugs with not sucking in Certain Mobs during certain skill animations.

Incomplete List of Bugged Mobs, Feel free to PM me any additions to this list.

Lizardmen Shamans: Charging mana (Bethma)

Lizardmen Spearmen: Throwing spears (3-x)

Shadow (Port) Snipers: Aiming/Charging (Hamel)

Dimension Link Guardian

Same idea as Blackhole, Mostly used for field clearing, However, it has some use at big/Moving bosses like Bonedragon (3-x) or Wally No. MK9 (3-6). While its pretty hard to do on moving bosses, you time it so that they run along with the shockwave to take a massive amount of hits. On Bigger things like bone dragon you can maximize the hits by waiting for
the right time to cast it (When the dragon is extended breathing fire so that it travels through its hitbox for longer) as for general PvE its quite a bit more situational compared to blackhole as it can't really do much on curved stages. Same general use as Rena’s Phoenix strike although it takes a bit more work getting into position and is overall a bit less effective. Like all nasod summons, they can sometimes get affected by strange summoning lag and will either be invisible or show
up with a slight(or not so slight) delay and various other things.(May have been fixed with rebalance patch, haven't tested yet. Confirmation is appreciated)

Mana Conversion

If you dash towards a ledge and use this just before going off the side you can slide off and cancel the animation for it. With a note proc its very hard for other players to tell you've used it. Great for throwing off other players estimate of your mana, Won't really work against Nasod Prototype Goggles but more mana is always useful anyway. Very useful at the start of a match so you have some MP to MEB/Buff Delay/Manabreak. Be careful not to overuse.

To alot of people the idea of throwing away HP seems horrible but if you think about it in PvP it makes alot of sense and is a pretty good trade. At higher level PvP if they catch you in a combo by the time you've gotten 50MP odds are they would of taken more than 12% of your HP, Getting extra levels from items makes it even better. You do need to make sure you don't just mindlessly spam it but you shouldn't be worried about using your HP strategically.

Hornet Sting

Generally You'll want to use this for quick burst damage in PvP, Good as a combo finisher however if you use it after say >>xz for example you can have the explosion behind your target and send them back to you for more comboing. Something to keep in mind is the effect lag will have on it, Becuase the explosion will be where the missile impacts if the missile hits them on your screen but not theirs the explosion will be at a diffrent location for each of you. Another bonus for this skill in PvP is that its two quick hits making it hard to manabreak and won't give your opponent much MP or Awaken. Its tricky but its also possible
to use it to start a combo, lots of people will use lots of ^zs to try and catch, if you time it right you can fire it under them and have the explosion knock them into you.

Metal Dust Aura

In PvE with an un-noted MDA for fields you have no reason to not have it running all the time. Will Give fantastic awakening gain, Not that hard to stay in awaken for every single room after the first one. At bosses you might want to reconsider having it out as the extra hits will build towards the boss going super armor. Will also break you out of any delay if you're close enough for it to be ticking damage, very very helpful in parties.

In PvP the biggest reason to use it is the Launch reset on each tick. Combined with >>xz you can have very long and even infinite combos by just looping >>xz with MDA up if you can chain it well enough. You do want to be careful of overusing it since each tick will give MP to the other player, if you overuse it it won't take long for opponents to get MP to nuke you. The no delay is also very nice in team play.

Funfact: Cast MDA and Hold ^, High Jump!

Explosion Impact

One of the stronger 200mps in the game with full hits. Very efficient asfar as MP for damage hitting roughly the same damage as an unawakened Junk Break. Downside is that it can be pretty tricky to aim it. With bigger mobs you can pretty much just wait for super armor make sure you're standing back a fair bit so the whip segments are all close to the targets hit box. On smaller mobs its significantly harder to get full hits. You need to work it so that the explosions will pull the mob along to you and into the next segments of whip. The initial whip hit will Launch backwards diagonally and KD, The second hit will catch mobs and lock the whip into position for the explosions. You'll want to cast it with the mob roughly 2-3 "Players" away. And to have them around the 2nd/3rd to last segment of the Whip to deal maximum hits. It varies somewhat from mob to mob but that’s a fairly reliable way to aim. You also need to keep in mind platforms, Almost all the damage is from the explosions so if you launch the mob only to have them land on a platformout of reach of the explosions its a waste of MP. With the note, EI will not launch, but knock back. Follows slopes upward and downward.

Mega Electron Ball

Ahh MEB, If I could only bring one skill for PvP/PvE would be MEB hands down. This is an extremely versatile skill, In PvP almost all of your damage in combos will come from MEB. For PvE, while not as essential, it's a nice little extra bit of damage for quickly clearing out mobs, You won't really gain MP while doing this but always nice to have. It essentially functions like a normal electron ball, the longer you hold down the button before releasing will increase the MP cost, the size, and the damage will also stop all of your momentum when you cast it.

You'll want to practice playing with a key held down and make sure you can do all your inputs and wont have any issues with keyboard ghosting because without MEB you'll have a hard time doing well in PvP. For combos It works great for catching after >>xz or after a quick zz(z)>>z(z). Because of the huge size it can also be used for catching or mind games, since electron balls move very slowly you can use it to block off an area for a short time to control how your opponent moves to your advantage. Either you can predict how they move and make use of it or they run into it and take a fair amount of damage and you might even be able to follow up with a combo. Most people like having it on either A or C.

Funfact: Because projectiles move during skill delay you can cast MEB and then use an Aura accelerator to freeze your opponent and give them no way to avoid it. You can't really follow up afterwards but its a nicelittle trick to get some extra damage in.

Iron Scraps

While fairly significantly weaker than EI, IS is one of CNs fantastic anti-situational skills, You can almost always get full hits on just about anything in most situations. Should generally try to use it in awaken as the damage gets a pretty big buff. For PvE there isn't a lot to say about it, Pretty much go next to things you want dead. Press Button. Things are most likely now dead. Not quite so mindless in PvP, The biggest upside to IS in PvP would be how quickly it comes out. The only way to really mana break it is if they can predict it and start manabreaking before you cast it.

While you still want to generally use it in awaken for the damage buff you need to keep in mind that the hits go up from 14>18 which means more MP and Awaken gain for the opponent. So should beware for people rubber banding after you cast it and knocking you out with their own nuke right after your IS. Some mobs seem to have a strange glitch where they pretty much just flop out of IS before taking full hits. Seems to be most/all Lizardmen.

Funfact: Has some interesting properties when someone knocks you out of the cast animation where it still runs through, Can use this in any Pits(Hope Bridge) By casting it in the pit just before you get moved back up, the move will cancel it and if you do it right it'll come out asecond or two later in the area around you. Always a fun little surprise.

Queen's Throne

One of CNs trademark skills, Pretty much lets you mow down almost anything in your path with 2-3 drone hits. The wing drones will add an additional hits to each attack in zzzz Can potentially add 2 hits to ^z and >>^zzz depending on the enemy size and will add no hits to ^x.Also changes the Electron triangle in xxx to hit multiple times (Max: 6) and will no longer break after 3 mobs. Wing drones have 0KD longer range and will not proc elements or special effects.

While this skill is absolutely amazing and crazy fun to use it has two or three pretty big downsides, First one is that in parties in PvE its pretty much overkill. Because you won't be killing everything yourself you won't have enough MP to sustain it throughout the run. The massive damage buff is also a lot less useful because parties can just steamrollanything as it is for the most part. Second downside would be on mobs that can Stoic so pretty much every boss and mini-boss. Because stoic isbased on number of hits everything will stoic very quickly and the KD gets annoying fast and wastes the duration of QT.

The third and biggest reason to not use it in party PvE is. . . well honestly most of the time you can't even use it, QT is very lag sensitive. If you haven't got host in the party most of the time it won't work and you'll just waste 300mp for a very weak small AOE nuke. You can check if it works by asking the host if they can see it on you. This also rolls over into PvP, You don't really want to use it there anyway because all those extra hits will give a lot of MP and Awaken very fast and players have a smaller hit box so you wont get as much outof it, Not to mention the huge KD rate on normal drone hits.

The Triangle change is a little bit minor but still quite useful, lets you keep getting attacks in when you can't stay in melee range. The damage on electron balls is nothing to scoff at either so you aren't wasting too much DPS.

Junk Break

While the damage is somewhat mediocre compared to a lot of other 300mp skills, because of how anti-Situational JB is, it is very useful on player sized bosses that its hard to aim EI on or in PvE Field on strongmobs(Such as in Hell and Luto Secrets)

Funfact: JB also has the same properties to cancels as nasod spears do, The timing on it is very precise and its pretty much just flat luck whenit happens but when it dose its pretty bloody amazing. Because the drill will run independent of you you can actually combo while mobs are being hit by it.

Atomic Blaster

As much as I wish this blaster was actually ranged its still a very useful skill. There honestly isn't a huge amount of depth to it either, You pretty much get at point blank range with whatever you want to hurt.Hit the button and watch them get hurt. Pretty easy to catch afterwardswith an ^z or whatever you want to use. Has pretty nice damage for PvE so useful little nuke. Does a step back before firing.

Also very useful against Mini/Bosses to proc their stoic. It varies fromboss to boss but at around roughly 20 hits you can cast Blaster for the last few hits so you won't get KDed.

Spear Burst

CN only has one active with invincible frames and you can only use photon flash on the ground so if you need a panic button in the air the Super armor from spear burst is very useful. Spear burst is fantastic for reversals, if someone tries to use a buff/awaken delay to catch you while you're in the air(And eve is always in the air) You can pretty much just hammer on this and if it comes out before they hit you, You pretty much just need to >>^z the direction they get sent as soon as you land and you've got a combo to do.

Its use for catching is useful outside of a panic button as well so if you're having issues catching someone try using this every now and then to spice it up and keep them on their toes. Also useful during ^z battles because of the super armor it lets you force a win/end to it. Another thing to keep in mind when using it for combos is that during >>zxx as soon as you input x you're considered in the air and can actually cast spear burst without even leaving the ground. However if you cast it while you're on the ground it will only deal 100% per hit instead of 400% so be careful.

Funfact: If you combine it with fastfall you can skip the little midair twirl before casting if you use it just before you hit the ground with a fastfall. You'll lose the midair super armor but makes it alot faster. The downside is that like using it right after >>zx if you're too close to the ground the damage will be alot lower.

Atomic Shield

This is by far CNs most situational skill, it will only see consistent use in two maps (2-x & 6-6) and when your weapon is strong enough oryou just don't feel lazy it won't even see use then. However while it isn't very good often when it is good it'll really save you and make things easier/Let you slack off. You use it when you need to tank a bossor if they have a lot of very hard to dodge/In the way projectiles. Canbe useful in Hell/Luto secrets if your gear is pretty bad.

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Friday, July 5th 2013, 7:24am

10] Skill Build

Personally I think you should make your own build based on what you think of each skill after reading the guide, however I know there are times In other games I've just wanted to quickly grab a safe build and work out what I want to do later. This is a bare bones build that makes a few minor stat compromises in base job for fun, You can easily swap out Cloak and Dimension Link for the base job passives if you want them however personally I don't think they have a noticeable impact and the SP is better spent on something fun.…

11] List of Equipment that increases Skill levels

This is a list of all the current equipment in the game that will give you +1 to various skills, These can go past the max skill level and can stack with each other.

•Skill Rings

Rings from the item mall that will give +1 to all skills of a certain MP range. Skills are split into Active, 100mp, 200mp and 300mp ranges.

Ring of Flexibility aka Active Ring - Mana Conversion, Mega Electron Ball, Spear Burst, Metal Dust Aura +1
Ring of Strength aka 100mp Ring - Illusion Strike, Dimension Link, Hornet Sting, Atomic Blaster +1
Ring of Willpower aka 200mp Ring - Illusion Stinger, Dimension Link Blader, Explosion Impact, Iron Scraps, Atomic Shield +1
Ring of Bravery aka 300mp Ring - Generate Black Hole, Dimension Link Guardian, Queen's Throne, Junk Break +1


There are also a few pieces of equipment and set effects that will give +1 to a few skills. Unless stated otherwise anything you can craft up to a stronger version will have the same + effects.

Ample Bravery Top Piece - Illusion Stinger +1
Ample Bravery 4piece set effect - Mana Conversion +1

Bandit 5piece set effect - Illusion Strike +1
Crafted Bandit 5piece set effect - Illusion Strike, Dimension Link +1

Red Rock Chief 4piece set effect - Hornet Sting +1

Bizarre Chaos 4piece set effect - Atomic Blaster +1
Twisted Wind 4piece set effect - Atomic Blaster +1

Sudden Attack Top Piece - Mega Electron Ball +1
Sudden Attack 4piece set effect - Hornet Sting +1

Wild Tracker Top Piece - Spear Burst +1
Wild Tracker 4piece set effect - Metal Dust Aura +1

Mystic Soul Top Piece - Atomic Blaster +1
Mystic Soul 4piece set effect - Iron Scraps +1

Exploding Distorted Element Top Piece - Explosion Impact +1
Exploding Distorted Element 4piece set effect - Atomic Shield +1

Mechanized(2-x) 4piece set effect - Shield Accelerator Aura +1

Level 20 PvP Sets 4piece set effect - Mana Conversion +1 In PvP
Level 40 PvP sets 4piece set effect - Mana Conversion +1 In PvP
Level 40 PvP sets 5piece set effect - Mega Electron Ball +1 In PvP

Glitter Hunter 4piece set effect - Spear Burst +1

12] Abbreviations/Terms

PvP - Player Versus Player
PvE - Player Versus Environment
KD - Knockdown
CD - Cool down
Super Armor/Stoic - Unflinching status, Shown by a Red Outline.
x-x - First number stands for the town (1 = Ruben 2 = Elder ect. Feita is x) and the second stands for the map (For Example Tree of El would be 1-1, x stands for the secret dungeon)
1m - Very roughly the same size as a player horizontally, Here's A very rough picture to give you an idea of the size. Keep in mind different resolutions, go to free training to get a rough idea what that size is on your resolution.

%/Percent - Generally will mean A % of your stats, for example If you had 1000 Physical Attack and an attack was listed as 90% patk it would hit for 900 Physical damage.
CN - Code Nemesis
CEx - Code Exotic
Matk - Magic Attack
Patk - Physical Attack
Mdef - Magic Defense
Pdef - Physical Defense
Aspd/Atspd - Attack Speed/Action Speed
Mspd - Move Speed
Jspd - Jump Speed
Maccel - Magic Accelerator Aura
Saccel - Shield Accelerator Aura
Scout - Dimension Link
IluS - Ilusion Stinger
BH - Generate Blackhole
DLG - Dimension Link Guardian
Conversion - Mana Conversion
MDA - Metal Dust Aura
EI - Explosion Impact
MEB - Mega Electron Ball
IS - Iron Scraps
QT - Queens Throne
JB - Junk Break
AB - Atomic Blaster
AtS - Atomic Shield
BnB - Bread and Butter, Basically a Staple.

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Friday, July 5th 2013, 8:06am

Ok that's it for now, Seems like I'll need to contact a Moderator in regards to editing the guide. Editing is locked after a little while. I'll get that worked out and finish working out the formatting and I'll update all the images again. But for now it should be in atleast a readable format for the most part. Bit awkward not being able to remove the giant "plsdontpost" lol, But I can't really do anything about it until I can a mod to help.

I'll also try to update it for the version differences when I get the chance, If there's anything in particular that's diffrent that is a bit more obscure and easy to miss, please let me know.

And any feedback is of course welcome, Format and stuff is still WIP but anything in regards to the information is more than welcome.


Friday, July 5th 2013, 8:14am

This... this is how you do it. Thank you sira.


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Friday, July 5th 2013, 12:34pm

Thank u for that awesome guide. It helps a lot for beginners. Well done. :>


Friday, July 5th 2013, 1:26pm

@Busty Still feels like it's really lacking information lol, Really wish I had more definite numbers for all the KD and I'm pretty sure some of the various %s are a bit out of date aswell. Need to find time to update it all properly eventually.

@Plessha Haha, Yeah I decided to post the guide here mostly because I remember a few veterans from KR posting guides when the NA version of Elsword first opened, I already had the guide written for CN so wasn't too much time out of my day to format it for these fourms.

Ok everything should be formated properly and all the images have been updated, Thank you to Ryoko for helping me edit in everything!

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Friday, July 5th 2013, 10:29pm

Sira raising the bar. Have to follow your example now.


Saturday, July 6th 2013, 9:44pm

You did a good job there.


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Saturday, July 6th 2013, 10:30pm

Absolutely perfect, the most complete guide I've ever seen.


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Saturday, July 6th 2013, 10:40pm

Thank you that guide is perfect

Good job :thumbup:
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Tuesday, July 9th 2013, 8:29am

very nice very nice



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Wednesday, July 10th 2013, 9:55pm

Helpfull and Nice but it would be nicer if you added



For the skills.
people are lazy you know xD. Not me i read it all °°

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