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    Listen up, heroes of Elios,
    Tomorrow from 9 AM till around 1 PM (planned), we will be carrying out server maintenance. Afterwards the following changes will be available in the game:
    • Display issue while accepting a new quest will be fixed
    • Text issue with the Elpheus set effect will be fixed
    • Missing strong version of “Meditation” at level 88 will be fixed
    • Ice Sculpture Heater (Ain, Celestial Master)

    • Red Spirit Eyes (Ain)
    • Chic Eyes (Ain)
    Last chance! The following items will be removed from the shop:
    • Ice Sculpture Heater (Dragon Knight)
    • Ice Sculpture Heater (Unicorn)
    • Ice Sculpture Heater (Dark Shadow)

    Have fun playing!
    The Elsword Team

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  • Millie -

    Posted the thread LF> +10 upgrade scroll.

    i can trade Ain AD wep or rose AA wep or eve DK dark side wep for it
  • Euphys -

    Replied to the thread Euphys' Shop.

    New Items added. See above.
  • KimMundo -

    Replied to the thread [Game] Stamina Replenish.

    Sorry, will do later (maybe) Apparently wanking off to Gunslinger on BnS right now.
  • IbukiHimari -

    Replied to the thread [Game] Stamina Replenish.

    Kim, it always has been this way, you relog to get it to reset. That's why if you've got unused will from the previous day and are online over reset, you can use that up, reload and get full again.
  • Memoritter -

    Replied to the thread [Game] Stamina Replenish.

    Hello, how about trying to relog, it 100% will help ^^
  • KimMundo -

    Posted the thread [Game] Stamina Replenish.

    Stamina wasn't replenished at 9am, yet daily quests were. I happened to be mid-dungeon when the reset happened. Good job, GF.
  • William -

    Liked EmiSama’s post in the thread Le Emisamas Artwork.

    Like (Post)
    -3- I am now. Going to try drawing different stuff from now on. No more anime. No more portraits. Just anything random that doesn't make me hate my art / ': here's a Lil something for now. board.en.elsword.gameforge.com…4a9d694f41b93caaa46c94b7c
  • William -

    Replied to a comment by EmiSama on William’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    and thank you for being my oldest friend here in Elz , have a delightful day Rin Rin ;)